Week five 9/24 and 9/26

Due 9/24: First draft informative review paper: Peer Review for Informative Review Paper

Group Activity/Class Discussion on HW:  The First Human Clone – Real Stories [YouTube]. Real Storeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zTDUZKFb6k

Writing, Grammar, and Usage Discussion and Group Exercise:

Avoiding Plagiarism
Transitional Words and Phrases
Proofreading Strategies
Parallel Structures

Due 9/26: Final draft informative review paper (upload in Bb)

Introduction to reflection paper assignment: Reflection Assignment_2018

Reflecting on informative review writing process and rhetorical modes.

Building a WordPress portfolio in CUNY Academic Commons: Shell/template for your portfolio.

For Next Class 10/1:
Upload final draft Reflection paper in Bb.
Read Opposing Viewpoints article: Fracking Does Not Contribute to Global Warming,