Week Seven: 10/8 and 10/10

No classes scheduled 10/8.

Group/Class Discussion: Review HW video response questions to Rob Jackson’s TEDxNCSSM: Fracking and the Future of Gas.

  • Identify areas in the talk where Jackson is making concessions and/or counter-arguments.
  • How can Jackson’s counter-arguments be challenged?

Introduction to Position Paper Assignment:  Position Paper Fall2018

List of renewable/alternative energy sources for paper:
Renewable Energy
Alternative Energy Sources
Unlocking Clean Energy

Group/Class Exercise: Taking a position on alternative/renewable energy options using objections, concessions, and counter-arguments.
Slide presentation: concessions_counter arguments_presentation

Respond to the following questions using the two alternative energy exerts from the presentation:

  1. Does the concessions make the central argument(s) stronger? How might you modify the concessions?
  2. Does the writer address the opposing concerns in a way that makes the audience respect their position? Is the writer objective?
  3. Does the writer appear to have researched the issue from multiple perspectives? How?
  4. Does the counter arguments debunk the opposing position? Explain.

Accessing Review Papers from CUNY’s Opposing Viewpoints database: LibraryFileAccess Instructions-3

HW for next class: 

  • Select your alternative energy option for Position Paper.
  • Identify two “Opposing Views” articles on your alternative energy option, identify concessions/counter-arguments and biases, and then use it to form a position.