Week Ten: 10/29 and 10/31

Due 10/29: Reflection Paper Due in Bb

Review: Introduction to research in science:

  • Developing scientific arguments: Introduction/Methods/Results/Discussion
  • Research proposals
  • Review of literature in research
  • Evaluating research studies
  • Finding a “niche” in science research to propose new research

The Qualities of a Good Research Question:

Distribute proposal for research assignment: Research Proposal Assignment Sheet Fall2018

Introducing the research problem in science writing:

The introduction section acts as the frame, establishing and introducing the context for proposing new research in research proposals, and interpreting new research in research papers.

This is where you state knowledge that motivated the research in the first place and introduce the purpose of the study by:

  1. Explaining your research objectives
  2. Arguing that the research is important
  3. Placing your study in the context of previous research

Common Three Moves in Research Introductions:

Move 1: Establish topic and significance (“establish a territory”)
Move 2: Establish need for present research (“establish a niche”)
Move 3: Introduce the present research (“occupy the niche”)

Group Exercise: Creating introduction section using the three “Moves.”

Evaluating Research Methods:
The strongest arguments in scientific papers account for strengths and weakness in study’s procedures and analysis. This is where you find your “niche,” to make a proposal for new research.

Questions to help evaluate the Methods section:

  1. Were the study’s subjects screen and selected for the appropriate characteristics?
  2. Were subjects assigned to groups and conditions without bias?
  3. Did the study include a sufficient number of subjects?
  4. How appropriate was the study design for resolving the research issue?
  5. How valid and comprehensive were the study’s independent variables?
  6. How valid and reliable were the study’s dependent variables?
  7. During the course of the study, how effectively did the researchers control for extraneous variables?
  8. How appropriate and accurate were the study’s statistical analyses?

Group exercise: Constructing a science argument using the Methods section.

HW for next class: Refer to Blackboard for synthesizing studies with similar and contrasting conclusions exercise.