Other Writing Assignments (10%)

Classwork/participation, Peer reviews/writing drafts, and Blackboard posts (Bb) 10%

(1) Classwork/participation is essential in acquiring the course learning outcomes. All major papers draw from our class discussions and group activities, therefore it is imperative that you attend all class sessions.

(2) Peer reviews/writing drafts are also tied into your final grade. All major papers go through a peer review drafting process leading to the final submission.

(3) Blackboard “Discussions” posts will be based on course readings/videos. The Blackboard (Bb) gives you a chance to think through and respond to the reading/video before class. For each BP, I’ll provide you with a prompt. Usually, the prompt will ask for a specific response; the BPs will be evaluated based on how well you respond to the question. While these posts will ask for specific information, the BPs are informal. You won’t be evaluated for typographical and grammatical correctness as long as these issues don’t interfere with your meaning.