Week Eleven: 11/5 and 11/7

Discussion on Study Charts: Synthesizing studies with similar and contrasting conclusions. Summary charts organize notes about the methods, results, and conclusions of published studies. Most Important, summary charts guide the process of synthesizing study outcomes:  Creating Sumary Chart to Guild Synthesis

Group work: Each group will propose further research by synthesizing three study charts that shows:

  • studies with similar conclusions, or
  • studies with contrasting conclusions

How independent and dependent variables impact synthesizing study outcomes. Questions to consider:

      • Identify differences in relevant characteristics, i.e. age, sex, initial physical and health conditions, lifestyle behaviors, and so on.
      • Did levels of the studies’ independent variables differ? were the same doses administered.
      • Were the dependent variables similar or different? Did the researchers measure identical outcomes?
      • Did the studies differ in setting, length, and other aspects of their design?
      • Were there differences in the researchers’ approaches to controlling for potential confounding variables?

Group exercise: Evaluating independent and dependent variables to question research outcomes.

11/7: Mid-term evaluations: First Draft Research Proposal Due for approval: Meeting with each student to review/approve research proposals, and to give feedback on overall performance.