Week Nine: 10/22 and 10/24

Due 10/22: First Draft Position Paper due for  peer review.

HW Readings and Writing workshop: clarity and logic
–Improving Your Style
–Commonly Misused Terms and Phrases
–Equations, Figures, and Tables

Due 10/24: Final Draft Position Paper

Discuss reflection paper assignment: reflecting on position paper writing process and rhetorical modes.

What is research writing?

Introduction to research in science: The Research Proposal and Research Paper.

Writing the Scientific Paper?
North Dakota State University Center for Writers (Genres and Types of Documents): https://writing.colostate.edu/guides/pdfs/guide83.pdf

  • Developing scientific arguments: Introduction/Methods/Results/Discussion


Introducing the Research Problem: Introduction Section Fall2018

  • Finding a “niche” in science research to propose new research.
  • Evaluating research studies [Group exercise]